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Baked Churros

These are BAKED churros; you don’t need any more reasons to make them. These are as indulgent as Churros but with half the effort and calories. Skip the deep frying and enjoy these, guilt-free. To be honest, I’ve never tasted Churros, but if they don’t take like these, then I don’t want them. I’ve adapted […]

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Horseshoe Butter Cookies

I’ve been obsessed with baking cookies and these horseshoe butter biscuits just hit all the right notes. Buttery, melt in the mouth and so easy to make, these are what cookie dreams are made of. These are perfect to stock up in your cookie jar, add to your kid’s snack box or nibble on at […]

Cookies, Kids Snack Box

Butter Cookies

A dough that comes together in a food processor and butter cookies that turn out delicious and soft with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. There’s no kneading any dough or rubbing flour into butter and you’ll need just about 10 minutes. These cookies are perfect at tea time or to pack in your kid’s snack box and […]

Cookies, Kids Snack Box

Chunky Chocolate Cookies

You can never have enough Chocolate Cookie recipes and this recipe for Chunky Chocolate Cookies is the ultimate cookie recipe. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect cookie recipe, that’ll yield the perfect texture, the right sweetness and of course, a good chunk of chocolate in every bite. This recipe covers all of that […]

Cookies, Kids Snack Box

Oatmeal Cookies

In my constant search and need for mastering cookies, I made these Oatmeal Cookies last week that disappeared all too soon. Crunchy and chewy with a good dose of oatmeal and cinnamon, these cookies make the perfect snack and a great filler for school boxes. Ten on ten for taste and texture. Making these cookies […]