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Om Ali

Om Ali or Umali as some call it is a traditional Egyptian dessert, made with crunchy bits of pastry, dry fruits and a milk mixture. I think of it as a sophisticated bread pudding. It’s rich, festive and a sure crowd-pleaser. I’ve tasted Om Ali only once before and it was years ago. But I […]

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Baked Churros

These are BAKED churros; you don’t need any more reasons to make them. These are as indulgent as Churros but with half the effort and calories. Skip the deep frying and enjoy these, guilt-free. To be honest, I’ve never tasted Churros, but if they don’t take like these, then I don’t want them. I’ve adapted […]

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Treacle Pudding

This treacle pudding is the easiest Christmas recipe I’ve tried this season and might just be my favourite discovery of the year. It’s so simple to make, very quick to put together and with a dash of caramel sauce and a scoop of ice cream, this easily transforms itself into the ultimate dessert. This treacle […]

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Christmas Crumble

I love a good crumble and could there by anything more magical than putting a Christmas spin to this holiday favourite? This Christmas crumble just exudes warmth, cheer and all things Christmassy with its gorgeous pink shades and caramel flavour, topped with marzipan and almonds. What I love about this Christmas crumble is how effortless […]

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Steamed Mango Pudding

This week I’m sharing the recipe for this humble Steamed Mango pudding. Nothing fancy, no rare or expensive ingredients, hell, it doesn’t even need an oven. Apparently, there’s more you can do with mangoes, apart from a cheesecake and mango fool. (both recipes you’ll find on my Instagram by the way and are delicious anyway) […]