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Japanese Cheesecake

This Japanese Cheesecake or Japanese Cotton Cheesecake is a cloud of goodness. An absolute melt in the mouth and moreish cheesecake, it is a true sign that things are still well with this world. This is the ultimate dessert and the answer to a lot of prayers. Alleluia!!! Cheesecakes have been my obsession this year. […]

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Sticky Date Pudding

This is just the kind of dessert you need right now. Perfect for rainy weather and deeply comforting on gloomy days. This gorgeous sticky date pudding is barely any effort but big on results. If there’s one classic dessert you need to add to your collection, it’s got to be this. The sticky date pudding […]

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Chocolate Whiskey Cake

Chocolate whiskey cake sure is the match of the finer things in life. Here’s a decadent mix of layers of moist chocolate cake, flavoured with crisp whiskey and slathered with creamy chocolate ganache. I found it to be the perfect baking gift, for the dad in our house. Happy Fathers’ Day to all dads everywhere. […]