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Chocolate Buns

These Chocolate Buns are pillowy soft and an indulgent chocolate filling makes them moreish. A match made in the oven as I like to say. Baking with yeast is my latest obsession and even then, I like to keep it simple and easy. This recipe is both. With a fail-proof dough recipe, giving you options […]

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Jamaican Fruit Cake

‘Tis the season for fruit cakes and if you’re looking for an extra rich and fruity Christmas Cake, this Jamaican Fruit Cake is the answer. Steeped in rich fruit, texture and colour, this fruit cake can be made without soaking the fruit for weeks in advance. Ingredients in the Jamaican Fruit Cake Jamaican fruit cake […]

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In my continuing quest to try Christmas recipes from around the world, I made these Kiffles, which are Hungarian Christmas Cookies. These biscuits are made from a buttery cream cheese dough and a fruity filling of apricot jam. You can use other fruity or nutty fillings are well, like walnuts, cherry, almonds etc. Making the […]

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Om Ali

Om Ali or Umali as some call it is a traditional Egyptian dessert, made with crunchy bits of pastry, dry fruits and a milk mixture. I think of it as a sophisticated bread pudding. It’s rich, festive and a sure crowd-pleaser. I’ve tasted Om Ali only once before and it was years ago. But I […]

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Orange Coconut Cake

This Orange Coconut cake is what tea time dreams are made of. Soft and buttery, with a subtle crunch from the coconut, this cake is not only decadent but also non-fussy to make. I love making simple loaves like this one and you’ll find plenty of those recipes on the blog. Ingredients in the Orange […]

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Baked Churros

These are BAKED churros; you don’t need any more reasons to make them. These are as indulgent as Churros but with half the effort and calories. Skip the deep frying and enjoy these, guilt-free. To be honest, I’ve never tasted Churros, but if they don’t take like these, then I don’t want them. I’ve adapted […]

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If only someone had told me how easy it is to make Nankhatai and how delicious homemade ones are, I’d be making them every week. Let me do you a favour by sharing this simple and fail-proof recipe for utterly butterly homemade Nankhatai. I never thought of making homemade Nankhatai all this while becauseI don’t […]

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Horseshoe Butter Cookies

I’ve been obsessed with baking cookies and these horseshoe butter biscuits just hit all the right notes. Buttery, melt in the mouth and so easy to make, these are what cookie dreams are made of. These are perfect to stock up in your cookie jar, add to your kid’s snack box or nibble on at […]