About me

Hello and welcome to Baking With Rona. I like to simplify recipes, make baking easy and quick, and most of all, reduce sugar in all my recipes. I generally stick to easily available ingredients, so you can bake with very little planning or notice and with regular pantry ingredients.

How I started baking

I have always loved cooking. After years of mastering my skills playing sous chef while I watched my Mum bake simple tea cakes and whip up delicious Mangalorean food, I got really good at beating butter and whipping up egg whites for a cake sans the cake beater. A simple sponge cake was the first cake I learnt to bake. Many years and bakes later, sometimes it is the humble sponge cake that I absolutely love to make.

The kitchen has always been my happy place. Although I love cooking in general, over the years, my love for baking has simply overtaken my other culinary interests. As a hobby, I wrote the chef on duty blog which documented my cooking experiments in the kitchen. I decided to start Baking with Rona to share what I absolutely love doing the most; as the name suggests; baking!!!.

Baking made simple

I love sticking to simple and easy baking, especially because I bake so often. I enjoy getting my two young boys interested in baking and cooking with me. I post recipes that you can make over and over again, those that become family favourites. I know they have for me and my family. These are recipes that can be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys baking. Even if you are a beginner who wants to bake and you just don’t know what to start with, worry not, I share all my tips and tricks here

Get all your baking tips and tricks

Being a cookbook addict in the making, I love collecting all kinds of cookbooks. I honestly can’t stop at the 5 kitchen shelves that are already overflowing. I do share snippets of my collection and frequent updates from my kitchen on my Instagram page.

I hope you enjoy the recipes I post here. I’d love to hear from you when you do. Happy Baking!